Monster Energy Sponsorship

How to Get Sponsored?

Monster Energy came into the limelight with its revolutionary energy drink which still continues to make waves all over the world. In the recent years, they have entered various other segments and have even started sponsoring various athletes and teams especially in the stunt sports like surfing, motor racing, biking etc.

The sponsoring program has had positive impact on the parties receiving it and also on the brand. Let us take a look at the case of Ricky Carmichael. He was an ordinary racer who made most out of his monster energy sponsorship and now is a leading motor cross tutor. He even managed to open a motor crossing university. This helped the brand to find markets which it would not have conquered had it not sponsored Ricky.

Know the Various Aspects of Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities from monster energy are open to promising teams and athletes. The main reason why any brand provides sponsorship is to get itself popular in the public. So they will be looking for outlets which will help them to be posted in public.

Unlike other sponsors, Monster energy sponsorship also has the objective to build up a good public relationship with its clients.

Monster Army is the popular sponsorship program from monster Energy that aims at athletic development. It supports those of the age category 13-21 in various sports like wake, skate, motor racing etc. Athletes anywhere in the world can apply for sponsorship. The applicants are evaluated for performance and the best are selected to the Monster Army and are sponsored. It is a real tough task getting in. The sponsorship contact can be using the website designed for the purpose.

Step by step procedure of applying for sponsorship

Since monster energy is a world class brand and getting sponsored is not easy, every step leading to sponsorship application has to be traversed with care.

  1. The very first step is getting an account setup with Monster Army. You can register yourself at: Click the button that says sign up. Fill in the necessary details and click on submit button.
  2. Now, after creating and verifying the account, log into it.
  3. In the top left corner, you will find the sponsorship segment. Select it and then select ‘opportunities’ from the new menu that appeared
  4. Now you will be seeing a list of sponsorships available. Browse through the ones you are interested to gather more details.
  5. . Click on the ‘Apply Now ‘ button  to apply for the sponsorships that interests you
  6. This will lead you to the application page where you have to fill in the necessary details
  7. There is no limit to the number of sponsorships you can apply
  8. Check the status of your application frequently on your profile

To improve your chances on securing sponsorship, it is a good idea to post your past achievements in various tournaments and also details of the ones you are planning to attend. Adding a photo or video of yours will also help. The company is sure to look at the exposure you have to the public as sponsoring popular athletes improves company’s image.

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